<![CDATA[BPRCVS - BPRCVS News]]>Wed, 10 Apr 2024 12:37:40 +0100Weebly<![CDATA[Burnley, Pendle & Rossendale Council for Voluntary Service & Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Community Voluntary Support Social Prescribing Teams’ Monthly Report March 2024]]>Tue, 09 Apr 2024 11:30:22 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/burnley-pendle-rossendale-council-for-voluntary-service-hyndburn-and-ribble-valley-community-voluntary-support-social-prescribing-teams-monthly-report-march-2024Please find attached the March 2024 Monthly report for social prescribing linkworkers and Community Connectors.
<![CDATA[BPRCVS Celebrating Social Prescribing Day!]]>Tue, 19 Mar 2024 10:55:05 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/bprcvs-celebrating-social-prescribing-daySocial Prescribing Day, celebrated annually on 14th March, is a day dedicated to recognizing the incredible impact of social prescribing on individuals' health and well-being. At BPRCVS, we're proud to join in the celebration and shine a light on the invaluable work of our Social Prescribers (SPs) who play a vital role in enhancing the lives of our community members.
What Have Our Wonderful SPs Been Up To?
Our SPs have been working tirelessly to connect individuals with non-medical support services that can improve their health and wellbeing. From organising community events to facilitating access to resources such as exercise classes, social groups, and counselling services, our SPs have been instrumental in empowering individuals to take control of their health in holistic ways.
Understanding Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing is a concept that's gaining momentum in healthcare systems worldwide, including here in the UK. At its core, Social Prescribing recognises that health is influenced by a myriad of factors beyond medical treatment alone. These factors may include social, economic, environmental, and lifestyle elements.

How Does Social Prescribing Work?

Social Prescribing works by enabling healthcare professionals, such as GPs and nurses, to refer patients to a Social Prescriber. The SP then conducts a holistic assessment of the individual's needs, preferences, and circumstances. Based on this assessment, the SP works collaboratively with the individual to co-create a personalised plan.

This plan may involve connecting the individual with various community-based services, resources, and activities that address their specific needs and interests. These could range from joining local support groups and participating in arts and crafts classes to accessing debt counselling or gardening clubs.

By addressing the underlying social determinants of health and fostering social connections, Social Prescribing aims to improve individuals' overall wellbeing and quality of life. It recognises that fostering a sense of belonging and purpose can be as vital to health as medical interventions.

In Conclusion

Social Prescribing is not just a buzzword; it's a transformative approach to healthcare that puts people at the centre of their own wellbeing journey.

​At BPRCVS, we are proud to champion Social Prescribing and celebrate the dedicated SPs who make a real difference in people's lives every day.

As we reflect on Social Prescribing Day, let us continue to raise awareness, advocate for its integration into mainstream healthcare, and work towards building healthier, happier communities together.
<![CDATA[Empowering Lives: A Journey through Social Prescribing]]>Wed, 13 Mar 2024 10:50:32 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/empowering-lives-a-journey-through-social-prescribing
Written by one of our Social Prescriber Tabby Shah. 

Meet Allison, a vibrant 27-year-old who found herself at a crossroads. Referred into the Social Prescribing Service by her GP, she was grappling with a myriad of challenges: social isolation, depression/anxiety, mental health issues, and financial struggles. As her dedicated Social Prescribing Link Worker, I had the privilege of accompanying Allison on her journey to reclaiming her life.
Our first encounter at the BPRCVS office unveiled the depth of Allison's struggles. She confided in me about the toll her poor mental health took, exacerbated by mounting debt and the relentless pressures of daily expenses. Despite holding a job, anxiety shadowed her every step, making the workplace a daunting arena. Allison's circle of support outside of work was scarce, amplifying her sense of isolation.

Determined to help Allison with her struggles, I broached the topic of accessing mental health support. While initially hesitant, Allison expressed openness to exploring counseling. I facilitated referrals to Talking Therapies and Lancashire Women, where courses focusing on stress management and coping strategies awaited her. The prospect of group sessions initially gave her pause, but through heartfelt discussions, she recognised the potential for shared experiences to foster a supportive community.

In tandem with addressing her mental health, we tackled Allison's financial burdens. With debt looming large, she felt trapped by her employment status, fearing she wouldn't qualify for assistance. Guiding her to Citizens Advice proved efficient. Together, we secured a breathing space for Allison, alleviating immediate financial strain. A structured budget plan followed suit, offering a tangible path towards financial stability.

Our journey didn't stop there. From registering at Downtown Community Grocery to exploring community centres such as our very own Gannow Community Centre, Allison gradually embraced opportunities for social connection beyond the confines of work. 

As Allison's confidence blossomed, she ventured into unfamiliar territories with newfound courage. Our shared meetings, born out of a deep understanding of her anxiety, served as beacons of support. Allison's gratitude echoed in her heartfelt words: "Thank you so much- really appreciate all your help."

Allison's story is a testament to the transformative power of social prescribing. What may seem like a simple gesture to one person can be a monumental breakthrough for another. Through compassionate guidance and community connection, we pave the way for individuals like Allison to reclaim their lives and thrive. Together, we bridge the gap between struggle and resilience, one meaningful interaction at a time.
<![CDATA[Burnley, Pendle & Rossendale Council for Voluntary Service & Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Community Voluntary Support Social Prescribing Teams’ Monthly Report Febuary 2024]]>Mon, 11 Mar 2024 13:49:22 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/burnley-pendle-rossendale-council-for-voluntary-service-hyndburn-and-ribble-valley-community-voluntary-support-social-prescribing-teams-monthly-report-febuary-2024Febuary 2024 - Social Prescribing Report Produced by BPRCVS. 
<![CDATA[Strengthening Community Bonds: Burnley Fire Cadets Volunteer at Gannow Community Food Share]]>Mon, 04 Mar 2024 08:42:10 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/strengthening-community-bonds-burnley-fire-cadets-volunteer-at-gannow-community-food-share
At Burnley Fire Station, community engagement isn't just a duty; it's a passion. On the evening of Wednesday, 21st February 2024, the Fire Cadets from Burnley Fire Station exemplified this commitment by participating in an arranged evening at the Gannow Community Food Share. This initiative was part of their Citizenship Unit within the Cadet programme, emphasising the importance of giving back and supporting those in need within their community.

The project they undertook was not only noble but practical: stock rotation, stock checking, replenishing shelves, and packing food parcels. These tasks are vital for ensuring that the Food Share can continue its essential work of helping the less fortunate and vulnerable individuals in the community.
The dedication and hard work of the cadets and their leaders were evident throughout the evening. Their efforts resulted in the Food Share's storage looking nothing short of amazing. The couple of hours they dedicated made a significant impact, showcasing the power of collaboration and community spirit.
At BPRCVS (Burnley, Pendle & Rossendale Council for Voluntary Service), we were thrilled by this collaboration. The assistance provided by the Fire Cadets not only benefited the Food Share but also strengthened the bonds within our community. It's through such partnerships and acts of kindness that we can create a more supportive and inclusive society.
We extend a heartfelt thank you to all the cadets and leaders who participated in this event. Your selflessness and commitment to serving others are truly commendable. We look forward to future opportunities to work together and continue making a positive difference in the lives of those around us.
Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient community. Thank you for your invaluable contribution!
Burnley Fire Cadets volunteering at Gannow Community Food Share
<![CDATA[BPRCVS Quarter Report July - September 2023]]>Mon, 22 Jan 2024 09:23:03 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/bprcvs-quarter-report-july-september-2023Check out the BPRCVS Quarterly Report covering April to June 2023 where we bring you updates on all our projects and services. Check out the impact we're having upon our local communities.

We hope you love the new style and format!
<![CDATA[BPRCVS and Gannow Community Centre Christmas Times]]>Thu, 21 Dec 2023 00:00:00 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/bprcvs-and-gannow-community-centre-christmas-timesAs the holiday season approaches, we want to keep you informed about our office hours during this festive time.
📅 Closing for the Holidays: Our office will close its doors on the 22nd of December at 3:00 PM. This allows our hardworking team to take a well-deserved break and spend time with their loved ones during the holiday festivities.
Reopening in the New Year: We'll be back and ready to assist you on the 2nd of January at 9:00 AM. We're excited to kick off the new year with renewed energy and a commitment to serving our community even better.
During this period, our team will be unavailable to respond to inquiries or provide assistance. We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to reach out to us before or after this period for any urgent matters.
We wish you a joyful holiday season filled with love, laughter, and special moments. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to connecting with you in the coming year!
<![CDATA[UK Shared Prosperity Fund – Burnley Community Grant Scheme 2023]]>Tue, 19 Dec 2023 08:43:06 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/uk-shared-prosperity-fund-burnley-community-grant-scheme-2023This fund is about levelling up opportunity and prosperity and overcoming deep-seated geographical inequalities that have held some areas back for too long.

It is also, fundamentally, about levelling up people’s pride in the places they love and seeing that reflected back in empowered local leaders and communities, a stronger social fabric and better life chances.

This is the vision and ambition for the new £2.6 billion UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF). This money is going straight to local places right across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to invest in three local priorities: communities and place, support for local businesses and people and skills.
All places have their challenges, with affluence and deprivation often coexisting. In recognition of this, the UKSPF amounts to a predictable, long-term funding stream which local leaders are free to use as they see fit to unleash their unique potential.

They can focus on what works best for their communities, including in new and innovative combinations, unshackled by previous restrictions.

This is a new approach to investment and the empowerment of local communities that Burnley Council is confident will make a real difference on the ground and change lives.

Burnley Council is looking forward to seeing the creative, ambitious choices that communities make as they level up and take charge of their destinies.


The UKSPF will support restoring a sense of community, local pride and belonging, especially in those places where they have been lost.
The primary goal of the UKSPF is to build pride in place and increase life chances across the UK. This aligns with Levelling Up White Paper missions, particularly: ‘By 2030, pride in place, such as people’s satisfaction with their town centre and engagement in local culture and community, will have risen in every area of the UK, with the gap between the top performing and other areas closing.’
People’s lives are shaped by the social and physical fabric of their communities. The local mix of social and physical capital gives local areas their unique character and shapes where people choose to live, work and invest.

Recognising the acute challenges communities have faced during the pandemic, this Fund will improve the places people live in, and support communities. It will drive noticeable improvements that matter to local communities, foster local pride in place and increase life chances including health outcomes.
Who can apply to the Fund?
This fund is being made available to community projects across Burnley and Padiham.
There is a strong focus for small groups, quality, single locality delivery.
Projects or schemes should complement the strategic aims and priorities detailed within the ‘What Can Be Funded’ Section of this guidance.

Applications should support one or more of the following Outputs.
· Increase levels of social contact, awareness of skills, training, activities and behaviours that improve wellbeing.
· Increased number of community facilities and venues developed or improved to include but not limited to energy efficiencies e.g., solar panels, LED lighting, etc; improved access e.g., wheelchair accessible ramps, lifts, etc; redecorating; new roof, etc; protection from flooding, etc, etc.
· Increased level of improvements to neighbourhood e.g., creation of community gardens, tree planting area development, etc, etc.
· Increased levels of participation in physical activity e.g., new tournaments, development of teams, etc, etc.
· Increased number of community-led arts, cultural, heritage and creative programmes
· Increased volunteering opportunities.
· Increased number of community events bringing people together.


Projects which include the Outputs detailed above over the 3 years of the programme, will result in:
· Increased visitor numbers by at least 5% (from baseline)
· Improved perception of facilities/amenities by at least 5% (from baseline)
· Increased users of facilities/amenities by at least 5% (from baseline)
· Improved perception of increased facility/infrastructure project by at least 5% (from baseline)
· Improved engagement numbers by at least 10% (from baseline)
· An increased number of new community led arts, cultural, heritage and creative programmes as a result of support
· An increase in volunteering numbers as a result of support

To read the guidance in full please click here for a PDF Copy

Please click here for an Application Form 

<![CDATA[Revitalising Volunteering: A Resounding Success at the Launch of Our Brand New Volunteer Hub!]]>Fri, 15 Dec 2023 08:30:38 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/revitalising-volunteering-a-resounding-success-at-the-launch-of-our-brand-new-volunteer-hubOn the 14th of December, our community gathered in full force at the Gannow Community Centre in Burnley to celebrate a milestone moment in our journey of service and compassion. The occasion marked the grand opening of our state-of-the-art Volunteering for Wellbeing & Community Hub, and what a day it was!
The atmosphere buzzed with enthusiasm as experienced volunteer coordinators Michelle & Kate stood ready to engage in conversations about the opportunities for making a positive impact in our community.

Whether you were a seasoned volunteer or just dipping your toes into the world of service, our coordinators were there to guide and support you on your volunteering journey.
Michelle Walker our Volunteer Hub Coordinator giving a speech.
The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the official opening ceremony, complete with a symbolic ribbon-cutting. Our CEO, Christine Blythe, graced the occasion with an inspiring speech, emphasizing the vital role of volunteering in fostering a sense of community and individual wellbeing. Her words resonated with everyone present, reinforcing the importance of coming together for a common cause.

The event unfolded into a bustling volunteer marketplace, where organizations and individuals alike showcased their initiatives and opportunities. It was a fantastic opportunity for prospective volunteers to explore various avenues for contributing their time and skills. The vibrant marketplace served as a hub for networking, idea exchange, and the forging of meaningful connections.
Attendees also had the chance to participate in detailed talks addressing the diverse aspects of volunteering. These sessions delved into the various ways volunteering contributes to personal growth, community development, and overall societal wellbeing. From inspirational stories to practical tips, the talks provided valuable insights and motivation for all.

For those ready to take the plunge into volunteering but unsure where to start, our brokerage service was on hand to facilitate connections. Matching individuals with the perfect volunteer opportunity, this service aimed to ensure that everyone could find a meaningful way to give back to the community.
The launch event was a resounding success, thanks to the support and enthusiasm of our community. It marked the beginning of a new chapter in our commitment to fostering a culture of volunteering that transcends boundaries and creates a positive ripple effect throughout Burnley.

It's fantastic to share that our recent launch event was graced by the presence of a diverse array of organizations, each contributing a unique touch to the vibrant tapestry of our community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to these valued partners for joining us on this special occasion and further enriching the spirit of collaboration and service.
Home-Start, Veterans In Communities, Lancashire Archives, Canal Trust, Outdoors 4 All, Calico, Rossendale Men's Shed, Brighter Lives North West & Rotary Club of Rossendale. 

As we embark on this exciting journey with our new Volunteer Hub, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us on this special day. Your enthusiasm and commitment to making a difference are the driving forces that will propel our community towards a brighter, more connected future.

Stay tuned for more exciting volunteering opportunities and initiatives coming your way from BPRCVS!
<![CDATA[A Cracking Christmas Celebration]]>Thu, 30 Nov 2023 12:35:03 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/a-cracking-christmas-celebration
Saturday, 25th November saw the return of the very popular annual Gannow Christmas Cracker held at BPRCVS’ Gannow Community Centre in Burnley.
Over the years it has become one of the best early Christmas celebration events for families in Burnley with hundreds joining in the festivities. This year was no different with over one hundred visitors to the centre for a Christmas market, Santa’s Grotto, activities for children, and a tombola and raffle with some fabulous prizes.

Around forty children had the pleasure and excitement of visiting Santa in his Grotto and telling him what they wanted for Christmas. The joy of Christmas on children’s faces makes this event all the more worthwhile. Each child was given a present to take home and put under their tree.
Several popular children’s characters made an appearance too with Elsa and Olaf from Frozen joining in the fun and festivities, and a Christmas Elf even managed to escape Santa’s workshop for a few hours to make an appearance.

The Christmas market always proves popular with visitors as it provides a chance to buy some unique Christmas gifts not available in high street shops. All stalls at the market were local people selling their own homemade and handmade wares from bath bombs and jewellery, to wood carvings and sweets – there was something for everyone. A number of stalls were linked to charitable organisations too, so many purchases made were supporting important causes.

The tombola and raffle, along with the café serving hot drinks, hot dogs and other light refreshments raised almost £400 which will be split into £200 to support the Health & Wellbeing for Children & Families service at BPRCVS, and £200 to support the continued operation of the Community Café at Gannow Community Centre.

The event organiser, Michelle Walker of BPRCVS, said of the Cracker, “We had a fantastic turn out. The community of Gannow and the wider Burnley area really do come together to help others and I am proud to be a part of the BPRCVS family that works tirelessly to help people help others”.

Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale Council for Voluntary Services (BPRCVS) would like to extend its thanks to the eight wonderful volunteers who assisted staff at the event. It wouldn’t have been possible without their support, and the support of Gannow Big Local too who helped to fund the Gannow Christmas Cracker.
<![CDATA[BPRCVS Annual General Meeting 2023]]>Tue, 28 Nov 2023 12:37:25 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/bprcvs-annual-general-meeting-2023
Our Annual General Meeting on 23rd November was a fabulous occasion. We sincerely appreciate everyone who joined us, our esteemed guests and speakers, and the positive community impact we are achieving together. 
We've published a few photos here on our website and there's a photo album on our Facebook page too.

Check out our 
YouTube channel to relive the key speeches and guest speakers.

Don't forget to download our Annual Impact Report too which demonstrates how BPRCVS improves lives and livelihoods in our communities.
<![CDATA[BPRCVS Annual Impact Report 2022-2023]]>Thu, 23 Nov 2023 09:10:51 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/bprcvs-annual-impact-report-2022-2023
The BPRCVS Annual Impact Report 2022-2023 showcases the performance of our projects and services, and the impact upon the communities of Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale.

Click 'read more' to download a copy.
The Annual Impact Report 2022-2023 contains more than just the performance of our projects and services. 

Hear first-hand accounts of how our projects and services are making a difference to VCFSE groups and organisations, members of our communities, and improving the health and wellbeing of individuals.

Click the button below to get your copy now!

This year's Annual Impact Report is a brand-new design featuring more real-world case studies than ever before! We hope you like it and are always open to comments and feedback - please email info@bprcvs.co.uk to submit your comments. ​
Download A Copy
<![CDATA[Gannow Christmas Cracker 2023]]>Tue, 07 Nov 2023 16:31:03 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/gannow-christmas-cracker-2023
Start your Christmas celebrations early… The Gannow Christmas Cracker brought to you by Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale Council for Voluntary Service (BPRCVS) is back again for 2023!

Over the last few years, Gannow Community Centre in Burnley has hosted one of the best early Christmas celebration events for families in Burnley with hundreds joining in the festivities Join in this year on Saturday, 25th November 2023 from 12 noon to 3 p.m. and spread some early festive cheer.

Michelle Walker, who organised this year’s Gannow Christmas Cracker, said, “.”

Bring the children along to Santa’s Grotto to meet the man himself and put a huge smile on your child’s face. Every child gets a present too.

Support local charities and causes at the Christmas market which always proves popular with a wide range of local stall holders selling handmade and homemade gifts, treats, and other wares.

There will be hot dogs, warm drinks and other refreshments to keep the kids satisfied and your strength up while you shop.

The tombola and raffle will have some fantastic prizes, and the best thing is your money will go towards supporting BPRCVS projects and services which make a difference to people’s lives in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale.

BPRCVS Chief Officer, Christine Blythe, said, “Over the years the Gannow Christmas Cracker has proven to be very popular. Come and get into the festive mood, buy a few unique presents, visit Santa, and participate in the raffle and tombola to be in with a chance of winning some fantastic prizes. It’s always a fun-filled few hours for all the family.”

The Gannow Christmas Cracker is made possible thanks to funding from Gannow Big Local.
<![CDATA[Launch Event Coming Soon]]>Tue, 07 Nov 2023 16:25:10 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/launch-event-coming-soon
On 14th December 2023, Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale Council for Voluntary Service (BPRCVS) is officially opening the brand-new Volunteering for Wellbeing & Community Hub at Gannow Community Centre.

Doors open at 10 a.m. for people to drop in and discover the world of volunteering. With a wide range of voluntary organisations in attendance, you’ll be able to discuss what their voluntary roles require and how to go about getting started giving something back to your local community.

Join in the volunteer forums and find out what it’s like to be a volunteer straight from the volunteer themselves. Hear from key people involved in volunteering in your community to find out about the benefits of being a volunteer.

BPRCVS’ expert coordinators will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about volunteering, and we have a load of free goody bags to giveaway too!

Volunteer coordinator, Michelle Walker, said of the launch event, “We're hoping this interactive networking event will be informative for all. Revitalising volunteering is one of our ultimate aims. The 3 year project has many visions and aims that we would like to elaborate on at the event.”

Whether you’re unemployed, retired, socially isolated, or whatever your circumstances are, there is an opportunity out there for you that will make a difference in your life, but also in the lives of others, so come and drop in and find out all about volunteering.

Chief Officer of BPRCVS, Christine Blythe, said of the new Hub, “having recently been awarded the new Volunteer Centre Quality Accreditation from the National Association of Voluntary Community Action, for which BPRCVS is the only officially accredited Volunteer Centre in East Lancashire, the new Hub is in safe, experienced hands.

“With decades of experience in volunteering to build upon, the new Volunteering for Wellbeing & Community Hub will revitalise the voluntary sector in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale.”
<![CDATA[Revitalising Volunteering]]>Tue, 07 Nov 2023 16:22:04 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/revitalising-volunteering
Thanks to funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, a brand-new volunteer hub launched this summer. The Volunteering for Wellbeing and Community Hub is the latest volunteering project from the volunteering experts, Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale Council for Voluntary Service (BPRCVS).

BPRCVS is continuing its investment in volunteer coordination for both individuals, and local Voluntary, Community, Faith, and Social Enterprise (VCFSE) groups and organisations. The appointment of dedicated volunteer coordinators will provide tailored volunteer coordination and open up exciting new opportunities and experiences for people looking to get involved in their community.

Being the only officially accredited Volunteer Centre in East Lancashire, having recently been awarded the new Volunteer Centre Quality Accreditation (VCQA) from the National Association of Voluntary Community Action (NAVCA), the new Hub is in safe, experienced hands.

With decades of experience in volunteering to build upon, the new Volunteering for Wellbeing & Community Hub will revitalise the voluntary sector in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale.

BPRCVS has based the Hub in the ‘BBC Make A Difference’ award-winning Gannow Community Centre in Burnley. The Hub is designed to be fluid and will be popping up at events, venues and other locations in communities throughout Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale.

Volunteering is vital within local communities and BPRCVS is here to help. After all, helping people to help others is our mantra. Members of the public will be able to contact the Hub to enquire about volunteering and they will be supported to find a voluntary opportunity that suits their skills, experience and time available. Local community and voluntary groups and organisations can access a brokerage service through the Hub which helps to recruit volunteers from local communities to assist with their valuable and crucial work.

BPRCVS will be hosting regular volunteer forums to give volunteers and volunteer involving organisations a chance to share their experiences and connect with one another. New volunteers and those considering volunteering will be welcome to come along to the forums to chat with experienced volunteers and learn what volunteering is all about.

An official launch event will be held later this year, but if you’re interested in volunteering or just want more information on what it may entail, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the Hub on 01282 436396.
<![CDATA[You're Cordially Invited To Our AGM]]>Tue, 07 Nov 2023 16:15:41 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/youre-cordially-invited-to-our-agm
You’re cordially invited to join BPRCVS at our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 23rd November 2023. This year we’re hosting our AGM at Colne Town Hall and all members, service users, and VCFSE groups and organisations are welcome to attend.
We’re celebrating all things BPRCVS and have put a focus on how we’ve grown and developed over the last 5 years. The growth in the numbers of VCFSE groups and organisations being supported is significant. The growth in individuals across the communities of Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale is substantial.

This year will see the appointment of a new chairperson to oversee BPRCVS as Susan Biggs stands down from her role. Alongside the usual chair’s speeches at the AGM, this year Susan will also be talking as a guest speaker about the value and impact of BPRCVS upon local communities especially during her tenure.

Join us for guest speakers, networking opportunities, and to meet some of the BPRCVS team behind our projects and services. See the impact BPRCVS has had upon Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale’s communities. For example, we’ve distributed more than £2.5m to local VCFSE groups and organisations in the last 5 years, and we’ve seen an almost 300% increase in the number of groups we’re supporting annually. Come and check out the impact for yourself and speak to the people involved.

We will provide lunch along with refreshments. A full itinerary will be released forthwith.
We look forward to seeing you there.

If you’d like to attend, please RSVP to lorna.powell@bprcvs.co.uk
<![CDATA[Gannow's What's On November 2023]]>Tue, 31 Oct 2023 10:59:15 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/gannows-whats-on-november-2023
<![CDATA[How? Conference 2023 Outcome Report]]>Thu, 19 Oct 2023 12:09:54 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/how-conference-2023-outcome-report
Whether you were at the How? Conference this summer or not, it would be worth reading the outcome report which has been produced by analysing the information provided by all of the groups and organisations in attendance.

There are some interesting, and possibly surprising findings. There were a lot of services mentioned throughout the conference that you may not be aware of, or aware of how they've adapted their services in response to the cost-of-living crisis.

Feedback obtained shows the delegates found it to be a very useful and informative event. Some even said it was the best event they'd been to for some time!

Once again, many thanks to those of you who attended and participated in the activities, and to those who helped to facilitate tables and run the event.

Please click here for a PDF Copy.
<![CDATA[BPRCVS Quarter Report April - June 2023]]>Thu, 19 Oct 2023 11:59:48 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/bprcvs-news/bprcvs-quarter-report-april-june-2023Check out the BPRCVS Quarterly Report covering April to June 2023 where we bring you updates on all our projects and services. Check out the impact we're having upon our local communities.

We hope you love the new style and format!
Please click here for a PDF Copy