Burnley East Case Study

September 2021

Reasons indicated on initial referral (GP or other organisation)

The following referral came from the GP:

Client has become isolated and suffers from low moods and anxiety which has been escalated due to Covid-19 pandemic and deteriorating health. She enjoys knitting and sewing and would like to join groups and reconnect with community. She has a mobility scooter.

Background of client

Client is struggling with her mental health, suffers from anxiety and depression. Feels low in mood most days and has little motivation and confidence. She has become worse with her anxiety since covid, she lost a family member to this illness.

She suffers from a lot of health conditions and this gets her down.

She has little contact with her son and daughter and this upsets her.

I have referred her to Lancashire Women for support with counselling and mental health.

Initial Assessment and Support Provided

Update of work undertaken:

I have passed on client details to Communicars to register her.

Lancashire Women have done assessment and given details for online Zoom courses.

Discussed house conditions - needs help with cleaning - home help too expensive. Given details for other cleaners and gardeners in the area.

Befriending service have called her and she is waiting for them to call back.

I have referred her to Selnet - Age of Opportunity to help with accessing help for her home conditions and volunteering.

She is liaising with Age UK regarding the adaptations she requires in her home.


Client Outcomes

I have contacted the following services to discuss support required:

Lancashire Women - counselling and Zoom classes

Up and active - to discuss seated exercise classes. Client attends the toning table classes at St Peter's and enjoys them.

Given contact details for 'one maid and mop' cleaning service.

She is waiting for the befriending service to call her.

I have obtained details from Father Roger St Catherine's Church regarding the choir group. this is held on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. with all details given to client.

Client has been provided with details pf groups being held at at Valley Street Community Centre.


Client Comments / Thoughts

Has found the service extremely useful and has benefited from all the support offered.