Pendle Case Study

September 2021

CR was referred via Adult Social Care for isolation, financial issues, and housing. CR was lacking self-esteem and confidence.

Clients Background:

CR is in his 60’s a very vulnerable man with multiple health needs, suffers from anxiety and depression, and short memory loss, CR has also had a stroke on his left side which makes him very unstable and known to falls. CR as also had cancer and recovered. CR was a victim of false imprisonment by his carer who is also is his niece, CR was rescued by his other nephew and bought back to his home town as client was not aware what happened to his tenancy to his accommodation. He was told the landlord had thrown them out.

Initial Assessment & Support:

Home visit was conducted at a friend's address, CR was present alongside his nephew who has taken the responsibility of care. On making a few calls to the landlord I was told the tenancy was still active and not ended. CR was happy to get back in his home, but had no furniture or money. I submitted an Application for Grant to Nelson Nurses Fund and also Requested Social Worker to Refer CR to Crisis Team for White goods and essential home setup. Application to install Telecare for client due to falls via Social Services. Client's benefit check was done and all appointments were been seen to by the nephew (carer).


CR was given access to Open Door for first home setup and was able to select items and arrange delivery. Nelson Nurses Fund awarded grant to cover bedding, towels and microwave.

Telecare Alarm to be fitted as CR had to have a landline installed. This is now done and a date set for Telecare to be installed which was arranged via his nephew.

Exit Interview & Discharged: Client given contact details for info and support groups running locally.

Client Feedback:

Nephew stated CR is so grateful for the support and is now happier to be back home.