Burnley West Case Study

September 2021

Reasons indicated on initial referral (GP or another organisation)

Debt, due to housing, bills and benefits.

Background of client

The client moved from the London area where most of his debt was created. This was in part by him and by his then partner. He moved in with his son and became deeply distressed and depressed by his debt situation.

Initial Assessment and Support Provided

I completed the initial assessment over the phone. From the discussion shared that he was really depressed struggling due to his debt and all the demand letter he was receiving.

From this assessment I explained that a good option for him may be to be referred to Christians against poverty for support.

From this meeting I arranged for him to meet me in person. As he wanted time to consider the option of Christians Against Poverty, as he felt he may go through Citizens Advice instead.

Client Outcomes

He came in for a meeting from which he was referred to meet with John at Christians Against Poverty. A week later he met with John and felt comfortable, supported and happy with what was offered. He asked that I support him through this process as well, as trust had been developed.

Following this meeting and subsequent meeting with myself and John, his mood improved. The decision was made for him to have a debt relief order. He agreed to this and said he was truly grateful for all my help and support. He happy that I referred him to John and can now see a happier future, being debt free.

Client Comments / Thoughts

Truly grateful for the service and kind support he has received.