Burnley West Case Study

September 2021

Reasons indicated on initial referral (GP or other organisation)

Ms X was referred to social prescribing by her GP to offer support around low self-confidence and social isolation.

Background of client

Ms X suffered a stroke some years ago whilst in her mid-40s which left her with mobility issues whereby at first, she was only able to walk with the aid of 2 sticks.

Initial Assessment and Support Provided

During the initial sessions Ms X explained how her self-confidence had declined and the enforced lock-down during COVID had only served to exacerbate the situation leading to a vicious circle of social anxiety, isolation, loneliness & low moods.  Ms X also disclosed that she had previously been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.

Working with her SPLW the following support was facilitated:

Provided with information on local & national support groups for people who struggle with mental ill health especially bi-polar.

Helped to get out and about, - Ms X was signposted to and is now a registered user of the BPRCVS volunteer driver transport scheme, Communicars.

Referred to and now attending Burnley Leisure's Up & Active seat-based exercise classes within the community.

Ms X has now been matched with a BPRCVS volunteer and the two have now scheduled their first walk & talk and catch up in a café dependent on the weather.

Client Outcomes

Ms X feels her self-confidence is beginning to increase again, she now has activities in her week she can look forward to, she’s feeling the benefit both physically and mentally, she’s more socially included and is regaining more independence.

Client Comments / Thoughts

The client has expressed her thanks and appreciation for all the help she’s received and is especially looking forward to getting out and about for face-to-face meetings with her volunteer.