Burnley West Case Study

September 2021

Reasons indicated on initial referral (GP or other organisation)

Social anxiety and low mood based around alopecia

Background of client

J is a lady in her 70’s who was referred for support after presenting with low mood and social anxiety linked to her alopecia. 

Initial Assessment and Support Provided

Following the initial assessment it was ascertained that the lady has an active social life but feels very self-conscious about her hair and often wears a hat.  She has experimented with alternative hair but finds it difficult to wear in front of people she knows well for fear of negative judgement.

She had had a bad experience with the dermatologist who she felt was not very supportive and had been looking for a support group.  Up to this point she had only found an American group on Facebook which she wasn’t finding very helpful. 

I explored the options around wearing alternative hair and how she felt about it and she explained that she would like to wear it more but doesn’t know how to make it look realistic. 

She was supported to access YouTube tutorials on making alternative hair look realistic and she set herself the goal to ‘play’ with her spare topper (wig). 

I also gave her the information for Alopecia UK and incidentally September was Alopecia Awareness month and there were plenty of online events she could join in with.  She has since joined in with the Alopecia Café which she found somewhat helpful but felt it was more geared towards younger people.  She will go to the next event in 1 month’s time to see if she can make some connections with people closer to her age.

She has now made the decision to contact a wig company to arrange a wig consultation and is considering referring herself for talking therapies to discuss her mood and thought patterns around her hair loss.

 Client Outcomes

1) J has been to the hairdressers to get some advice on putting on her hair

2) J has signed up to and attended the Alopecia Café online

3) J has made an appointment with a wig specialist to get some advice on quality wigs. 

4) J was given information for Lancashire Women to gain emotional support with dealing with her hair loss.