Burnley Case Study

September 2021

Reasons indicated on initial referral (GP or other organisation)

Mental health issues.

Background of client

Client D.G. was referred to me by Prestige Medical Group. GP advised that she has emotionally unstable personality disorder. Single mother of 4 children.

Initial Assessment and Support Provided

Initial assessment was done over a cup of coffee in town centre cafe. Client was anxious to get outside in the nice weather and have some social interaction. She has a newborn baby at home and she is feeling stress regarding the condition of the house she is in. Her house has been in need of repairs for at least 3 years and the landlord hasn’t done it despite numerous requests. She is feeling completely isolated in Burnley. She has a computer and would like to access some online courses for maths and English but has anxiety and cannot focus on filling out forms. She suspects that she has ADD. DG also indicted that she isn’t sure that she is getting all the benefits she is entitled to because she isn’t confident with form filling and if she’s done them correctly. She said she loves being a mum and spending time with her children but her anxiety is increasing due to the damp and lack of repairs being done in the home.

Client Outcomes

I made a referral to Lancashire Women’s Centre to help support DG around her benefit entitlement. One of her son’s has ADHD and she sometimes struggles coping with him. He recently broke his bed and she couldn’t afford a new one so he has been co-sleeping with her and the baby. I therefore made an application to the Distress Fund and secured a new toddler bed and mattress which has made a huge difference in getting his sleep routine back to normal. I also made a referral to Home Start East Lancashire. Home Start contacted DG within a couple of weeks and she was matched up with a volunteer who assisted her with form filling and signing up for maths and English courses. I researched some local baby and toddler groups that have resumed sessions post covid and DG indicated that she would like to try them. The volunteer is also attending some of these sessions with her until she is confident to go on her own. DG was thrilled that at one point the volunteer watched her children while she had a quiet, relaxing bath which was something she couldn’t remember the last time she was able to do. She is absolutely thrilled with the referral to Home Start and her confidence has been boosted significantly.

Through my encouragement, DG was able to get an appointment for an ADD assessment. The assessment was conducted and she has subsequently been diagnosed with ADD. She is very happy with this as she finally has some answers and can start a new path with proper support and treatment.

I contacted Burnley Council and explained the housing situation to them. They advised me that they will send the landlord a letter requesting repairs be done within 30 days. If the repairs are not done within that time, the council will visit the property and conduct their own inspection and proceed further with the landlord until the property is in a safe, appropriate condition. In the meantime, Home Start is helping DG search for another property to move in to. They will continue to support her with bidding and applying for properties.

Client Comments / Thoughts

DG rang me to say thank you for all of the support she is receiving. She said things suddenly feel like they are falling into place for her and that her outlook is much more positive and she is feeling less overwhelmed and more relaxed. She understands the housing situation will take some time but she feels a positive resolution will come.