Rossendale West Case Study

September 2021

Reasons indicated on initial referral (GP or other organisation)

Alcohol and drugs misuse.

Background of client

Long term history of mental health, alcohol and drug misuse

Initial Assessment and Support Provided

The initial assessment took place with the client and his mother. The client has had many years of struggling with alcohol and drug misuse, and was feeling extremely low and vulnerable. He had had enough and wanted to make a change.  He also had felt let down by services.  I met with the Client on 3 occasions, initially to gain trust.  His mother was very supportive too.  On the 4th session, he agreed to a referral to Inspire rehab, and a referral to Up & Active. He clearly needed routine to keep him busy as well as healthy and active. 

Client Outcomes

The client has been attending Inspire and Up & Active, and seems transformed, a changed happier person. I have also helped him to enrol onto college to further his studies and employment prospects. 

Client Comments / Thoughts

“Still taking it a day at a time, but feeling absolutely super! I have not touched a drop of Alcohol, nor drugs for months now. Thank you for your help, it is appreciated.”