LAL session

This 3 week programme is aimed to give volunteers the self-esteem and confidence to work in the community.


Empowerment Through Art For Volunteers

Tuesdays - 08/03/2022 until 22/03/2022 at 09:30 AM till 12:00 PM 


Each week there will be different art activities that aim to start you accepting who you are, highlighting your positive attributes as well as your weaknesses. You will discover what you are capable of as well as what you find difficult. We will set goals and actions to achieve that goal. Through the art activities you will gain confidence, feeling able to ask and take action to get what you want in life. 


Art has a wonderful way of allowing you to experience a sense of satisfaction and pleasure in what you are doing, being absorbed in a task and fostering a feeling of trust in yourself and others, feeling comfortable and at ease in your surroundings.

This course is a stepping stone to working with people in your community.