Sponsored Silence

Community Cafe regular, Howard Eccles is helping raise money for Children In Need

This Friday, 19th November, is Children In Need day. At Gannow Community Centre we've been thinking about what we could do to raise money for the cause.

To help raise funds we know of a much-loved somebody who likes nothing more than a good, old natter. He thrives on company and conversation and we can never shut him up! Community Cafe regulars will probably already know who we're talking about! For those who aren't regulars, the person we are referring to is one of BPRCVS' Trustees, Howard Eccles.

So with this in mind we have press ganged him into doing a sponsored silence during our busy café opening times this Friday 19th November. Howard will be 'gagged' for two hours between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m.

We know this will be incredibly hard for him so please donate generously in support of Howard Eccles and Children In Need!

If you can't make it to Gannow Community Centre on Friday 19th November you can drop off your sponsorship money at any time before the 19th November up to 26th November at either Gannow Community Centre, Adamson Street, Burnley or the BPRCVS Main Office on Yorkshire Street, Burnley.