Helping People To Help Others

At BPRCVS we set out our strategic mission and vision for our involvement within the community and voluntary sector and as a result the slogan "Helping people to help others" was born.

This is what we do, what we live and breathe and how we help to measure our performance within the sector.

There is a wide range of support and services offered by BPRCVS to the charity, community, faith and voluntary sector organisations throughout Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale as well as the wider East Lancashire region. Each branch of support and every service offered has been designed with you in mind. Almost everything we do here at BPRCVS is designed to help people to help others.


How do we help people to help others?

  • By delivering trusted experience, knowledge and support
  • By helping groups and organisations to develop and grow
  • Through services that assist in reducing workloads and freeing time for you to help others
  • By signposting people and organisations to relevant activities, resources and services
  • By facilitating the recruitment of volunteers to assist your activities
  • Through the delivery of training courses
  • By assisting with and supporting funding applications
  • By helping with governance, safeguarding and policies and procedures
  • Through providing a strategic outlook for your organisation
  • By helping with income generation
  • By helping to promote your group or organisation through our contacts and networks


Helping people to help others is more than a slogan to us at BPRCVS. It is the driving force of our organisation. Even if you can't find the service or support you require please enquire as we may still be able to help. If it's not something that we do there is a good possibility that we know someone that does. So don't delay, get in touch now and see what we can do to help people help others.