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<![CDATA[Connect Group - LGBTQ+ Group]]>Mon, 15 Apr 2024 09:50:33 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/connect-group-lgbtq-group]]><![CDATA[Trauma Informed Lancashire Conference]]>Mon, 15 Apr 2024 09:43:36 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/trauma-informed-lancashire-conferenceHOLD THE DATE- 17TH JULY 2024 - MARRIOTT HOTEL, BROUGHTON, PRESTON

Compassionate Lancashire Communities- Our ongoing journey towards the Trauma Informed approach.
Brought to you by “Trauma Informed Lancashire” and the “Lancashire Violence Reduction Network”. 
Trauma informed community development acknowledges the impact trauma has on local people and strives to mitigate those effects. Lancashire Community traumas such as violence, poverty, racism, health inequalities and social determinants can prevent people from building trust with their neighbours or participating in daily or civic life. Therefore, there is a need for our local system to join/continue their trauma informed journey to address the adversity that impacts across our communities.
This one day free to attend event will:
  • Hear from Lancashire community members, those with lived experience and system leaders who are active in developing a trauma informed cultural shift.
  • Share best practice, research, and diversity of thought from across Lancashire rich trauma informed landscape.
  • Learn from those Lancashire agencies and systems by sharing trauma informed practice and organisational development.
  • Fostering connections between Lancashire residents, bolstering community resilience, and promoting emotional intelligence.
  • Developing a community system that is guided by knowledge of what is needed for healing from emotional and psychological wounds.
  • It has relevance to everyone in the system through the promotion of safe, open trusting alliances.
  • Showcase the work across Lancashire through a "marketplace of ideas" approach during breaks.
Who is the event aimed at?
  • System leaders who wish to adopt a trauma informed approach to their organisational development and community engagement.
  • Front line practitioners involved in developing trauma informed practice.
  • Lived Experience professionals.
  • Community Navigators.
  • Third sector professionals.
Please use this link to register your interest -  https://forms.microsoft.com/e/wZWM0crgV1 .
Due to limited numbers and ensuring the room is filled with a variety of leaders, practitioners and lived experience, places may not be guaranteed.
<![CDATA[Spring into Action with Meet N Match!]]>Thu, 11 Apr 2024 10:04:25 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/spring-into-action-with-meet-n-match​Ready to meet new friends and have a blast? The Spring social events are back, and everyone's invited to join the fun!
Get your groove on at the Burnley Disco for just £5 (carers come FREE)!
Don't miss out on the new, great price!
<![CDATA[YOUR THOUGHTS ON... Selective Licencing  in Burnley and Padiham]]>Wed, 10 Apr 2024 13:40:10 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/your-thoughts-on-selective-licencing-in-burnley-and-padihamConsultation Period 25th March – 14th June 2024

burnley.gov.uk/sl2024 There is no need to book and you can attend at any point during the stated times.
You can find out more on the website: Email landlords@burnley.gov.uk Call 01282 475810 Write Selective Licensing, Town Hall, Manchester Road, Burnley, BB11 9SA The council are seeking your thoughts on proposals to continue and expand selective licensing in parts of Burnley and Padiham.

​ Selective licensing means that every house in the proposed designated area that is privately rented must have a licence to operate. It focuses on improving the management of private rented properties and in doing so, helps improve the area. We want to meet with residents, landlords and anyone else with an interest in the affected areas, to hear your thoughts on the scheme.
<![CDATA[This is Nelson]]>Wed, 10 Apr 2024 12:52:07 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/this-is-nelson]]><![CDATA[Downtown April To July timetable]]>Wed, 10 Apr 2024 11:54:20 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/downtown-april-to-june-timetable
<![CDATA[Age of Inspire]]>Wed, 10 Apr 2024 11:30:34 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/age-of-inspireThe Age of Inspiration event, generously funded by Lancashire County Council, caters to individuals over the age of 50 who may find themselves living alone, experiencing loneliness, or seeking new and exciting experiences. With the objective of tackling social isolation and promoting overall wellbeing, this event promises an engaging and enjoyable afternoon for all attendees.

Structured around the 5 Ways of Wellbeing, the event offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing participants' quality of life:
  • Social Wellbeing: Encouraging connections with others.
  • Physical Wellbeing: Promoting physical activity.
  • Developmental Wellbeing: Facilitating the acquisition of new skills.
  • Psychological Wellbeing: Fostering mindfulness and present moment awareness.
  • Emotional Wellbeing: Emphasising the importance of giving to others.
The program is designed to be dynamic and interactive, featuring a variety of activities aimed at encompassing the five dimensions of wellbeing. From live music performances to movement workshops and guided breathing sessions with sing-alongs, each component of the event is thoughtfully integrated to illustrate the potential benefits of embracing the 5 Ways of Wellbeing.
Recognising the unique needs of each community, the Age of Inspiration events remain adaptable, with content tailored to suit the preferences and requirements of local attendees. Moreover, representatives from local support agencies are invited to ensure attendees have access to vital services within their area.
In addition to the engaging activities, the event offers opportunities for local services to showcase their offerings through exhibit spaces and networking sessions. Attendees are treated to afternoon tea and cakes while providing valuable feedback on their experience and expressing their commitment to incorporating the 5 Ways of Wellbeing into their lives for sustained improvement in their overall wellbeing.
Furthermore, as part of the entertainment lineup, the event proudly features performances by local groups such as choirs and dance ensembles, showcasing the vibrant cultural tapestry of the community.
For further details, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the event's website at www.connectormediacic.co.uk/aoi.

<![CDATA[Healthwatch Lancashire: Your local health and social care champion]]>Tue, 09 Apr 2024 10:33:20 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/healthwatch-lancashire-your-local-health-and-social-care-championHealthwatch Lancashire is the public voice for health and social care in Lancashire and exist to make services work for people who use them.
Healthwatch Lancashire were established following the introduction of the Health and Social Care Act in 2012 and ever since then they have been engaging with local communities to understand their needs, experiences and concerns when it comes to health and social care services. They monitor feedback and set up projects to investigate themes of feedback further.

Some of the recent projects include investigating experiences when accessing mental health services in Lancashire, the cost-of-living crisis and its effects on health, Safeguarding voices and Covid-19 vaccination hesitancy.

They try and be as visible in the community as possible so you may have seen them at pop-up events, attending community groups and conducting Enter and View visits. Want to find out more?

<![CDATA[Carers Link East Lancashire - Carers Active]]>Tue, 09 Apr 2024 10:26:24 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/carers-link-east-lancashire-carers-active
Join us for a lovely walk in each borough in aid of Carers Active April - a month with a mission to make physical activity accessible and fun!

This month, in association with Carers UK, we are hosting free walks across the boroughs, for mixed ability levels:
Ribble Valley
Approx. 3 miles Exploring Clitheroe from the town to the river and maybe see things you didn’t know about.
Exclusive for carers.
Thursday 11th April 1.30pm-3pm - Meet at Clitheroe Town Hall with Carers Link and 'Walk and Talk'
Must book your free place on this walk.

A leisurely walk of approx. 2 -3 miles around Haslingden taking in the beautiful surrounding area, then a FREE hot lunch at Haslingden Community Link.
Exclusive for carers.​
Tues 23rd April 11am-1pm - Meet at Carers Link Haslingden Shop with Carers Link and Ramblers
Must book your free place on this walk.
Pendle sculpture trail in the beautiful Aitken Wood a moderate walk of approx. 3 miles and is fairly easy on tracks.
Exclusive for carers.​
Thursday 25th April 6pm-8pm - Meet at Barley Car Park with Carers Link and 'Walk and Talk'
Must book your free place on this walk.

Call us on 01254 387444 or email us at activities@carerslinklancashire.co.uk to book your free place on any of the above walks!

There are also weekly walks in Burnley with local walking groups Walk and Talk, and Hyndburn with The Ramblers! More details below.

Walk & Talk with Maj for 1 -2 hours. Nice steady walk suitable for all, runs every Thursday from 1pm.
Email Maj.mahmood@p-a-c.org.uk to book your place with them or head to their website: Home | Walk and Talk (walk-and-talk.org.uk)

Approx. 7-8 miles walk with The Ramblers lead, car share available to the locations of the walk and back to Accrington. Runs every Wednesday 9.30am.
No booking required. Meet at Plantation St, Accrington
Head to their Facebook page for more info and updates: Hyndburn Group - Ramblers

Let's get active together in April!
<![CDATA[Get Grants shortlisted for Awards!]]>Tue, 09 Apr 2024 10:18:28 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/get-grants-shortlisted-for-awardsGet Grants are extremely excited to have been shortlisted for not one, but TWO Awards for their  work supporting fundraisers across the sector! 
Over the past 12 months Get Grants has developed into a trusted provider in the sector working with large national charities and over a dozen funders, whilst remaining committed to serving the smallest community organisations in the sector.  

In 2023 Get Grants has seen growth across all its services. The largest growth has been in its free events and training where they have led 51 free virtual events that had a total of 14,239 bookings, enabling them to support at no cost more Fundraisers than ever before.
<![CDATA[Inspire Open days April 2024]]>Tue, 09 Apr 2024 10:13:13 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/inspire-open-days-april-2024Inspire East Lancashire are offering open days for Professionals in April 2024. 
<![CDATA[Rosegrove Neighbourhood Watch - Pride in the Community!]]>Tue, 09 Apr 2024 10:00:52 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/rosegrove-neighbourhood-watch-pride-in-the-community]]><![CDATA[Challenge through Sport Initiative (CSI) Activity Timetables April 2024]]>Tue, 09 Apr 2024 09:53:36 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/challenge-through-sport-initiative-csi-activity-timetables-april-2024Please find below, all activities provided from Challenge through Sport Initiative. 
<![CDATA[Measles/MMR Campaign]]>Tue, 09 Apr 2024 09:45:24 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/measlesmmr-campaign
<![CDATA[Celebrating 40 years of Volunteers' Week]]>Tue, 09 Apr 2024 09:31:00 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/celebrating-40-years-of-volunteers-weekThis June marks the 40th anniversary of Volunteers’ Week – a UK-wide celebration that shines a light on the incredible impact that volunteers make in our communities. 
40 years of saying thank you 
​This June marks the 40th anniversary of Volunteers’ Week – a UK-wide celebration that shines a light on the incredible impact that volunteers make in our communities. 

Charities, voluntary groups, social organisations and volunteers will be coming together from Monday 3 June to Sunday 9 June to recognise and celebrate the incredible contribution volunteers make to society.

Read on to find out how you or your organisation can get involved. 
Download the Volunteers' Week toolkit 

We’ve created lots of free downloadable resources to help you celebrate the 40th anniversary of Volunteers’ Week in style.  

From 'thank you' cards and bunting for use at your events to graphics to brighten up your social media channels, there’s lots of ways to get involved.

Download the toolkit today    

Thank your volunteers on social
Say thanks to your volunteers, share their stories and show us your party photos on social media using #VolunteersWeek

We can’t wait to see how you mark the occasion!  
Inspiring others to get involved with volunteering

As well as a crucial opportunity to thank volunteers and recognise the value of their time, passion and skills, Volunteers’ Week also acts as a chance to inspire others to give volunteering a go. 
This year, festivities will culminate with The Big Help Out (7 – 9 June), aimed at encouraging even more people to become part of the volunteering community. 
Volunteers’ Week is led by the UK Volunteering Forum: NCVOWCVAVolunteer ScotlandVolunteer Now.
<![CDATA[Lancashire Women - Burnley Open Day]]>Mon, 08 Apr 2024 10:27:48 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/lancashire-women-burnley-open-day]]><![CDATA[Who Can Help Me?]]>Mon, 08 Apr 2024 09:14:13 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/who-can-help-me
Healthwatch Lancashire engagement officers have been gathering experiences from people living in Lancashire about health and social care services.

By attending support groups and hubs across Lancashire over the last 18 months, engagement officers have identified that there are gaps in support for carers and family members supporting people with a neurological disorder, including dementia, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

The aim of the engagement is to understand the experiences of family members and carers who support people with a neurological disorder. This project will explore whether the individual needs of a carer are addressed, including how their health and wellbeing may have been affected.
This information will provide an overview in any gaps for support and will be compiled into a report which will be shared with the Lancashire and South Cumbria ICS Dementia Strategy steering group and the Lancashire and South Cumbria Carers Partnership Group. Recommendations will be made to Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Board and Lancashire County Council to highlight good practice and areas for improvement.

We are trying to hear from as many Carers as possible in the month of April. If you know anyone who has a story to tell about their experience please could you encourage them to get in contact with us on either
Tel: 01524 239100
Email: info@healthwatchlancashire.co.uk
We also have an online survey which can be found at:
<![CDATA[Burnley Colne Road]]>Mon, 08 Apr 2024 08:52:49 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/burnley-colne-roadLancashire County Council are holding to discuss the initial design proposals for safer, and easier to use, road environments on Colne Road in Burnley as part of their Levelling Up East Lancashire initiative. These improvements aim to enhance travel opportunities for residents, making their journeys greener and safer
LCC held some workshops with local community representatives in November to explore the concerns of local people.

​They gained some great insights from these workshops, which helped them focus theirimprovements on Colne Road, and they really appreciate the input from the local community this far in shaping this work.

They  are currently in the early design stage of their proposals for Colne Road and the feedback is really important to ensure the designs will work to address the safety and speeding issues raised in November.
At this early stage of the design process it is important that They get your thoughts to ensure They are designing this scheme with and for the local community.
How can I get involved?    
Lancashire County Council are holding an invite only workshop on Thursday 18th April at 17:30pm-19:30pm at Linkbridge Community Support Centre, 1 Swinless Street, BB10 3BN. 
Kindly confirm your attendance at the workshop by registering below. If you are unable to attend this session but would still be interested in learning more about the improvements, please get in touch.  
Register your attendance by clicking here 
<![CDATA[Coffee and Crafts]]>Fri, 05 Apr 2024 08:49:04 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/coffee-and-crafts]]><![CDATA[Carers Link Lancashire - New Carers magazine - Spring/Summer 2024 edition]]>Thu, 04 Apr 2024 13:31:12 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/carers-link-lancashire-new-carers-magazine-springsummer-2024-editionHighlights include:
·         Carers Week 2024 events
·         New Carers Activities and Courses
·         Feel Good Fashion Fundraiser
·         Mental Health Support
·         Information on our new Colne shop
·         54/56 Community Café offers
·         Volunteering Opportunities
·         Carers Discount Card
·         Carers Discounted Cinema Club
<![CDATA[ACAS - National E-Connect Newsletter]]>Thu, 04 Apr 2024 11:59:51 GMThttp://bprcvs.co.uk/vcfse-news/acas-national-e-connect-newsletter
National Living and Minimum Wage rates were updated on 1 April.
New rates can be found on the Acas website
And check out the government's advice page here: 
National Living and Minimum Wage increases
This month also sees the introduction of new rules around flexible working and handling flexible working requests. 
From 6 April, all employees will be able to make a statutory request to make a permanent change to their contract from their first day of employment.
To learn more about flexible working, benefits and the legal changes visit: 
See Acas advice on flexible working arrangements: 
Join Acas and guest speakers for our upcoming conference: 
Flexible working and the new Acas Code of Practice - 16 April

New Acas training: 
Flexible working: what's changed and how to handle requests - Various dates
Watch Acas videos, from the Acas Council and one employer talking about their approaches to flexible working.
Acas employment law update training

Keeping abreast of legal requirements not only helps your business steer away from potential litigation and financial penalties, it can also help you develop strategies to improve employee engagement and increase organisational resilience.

This event will provide you with solid grounding on recent changes to employment law and provide insight into upcoming changes to legislation that will enable your business to stay informed, legally compliant and well prepared.

View upcoming dates and pricing

 Mock Employment Tribunal (Scotland)
30 April 09:30 - 12:30  £125 per delegate
Attending an employment tribunal can be a daunting prospect and the consequences of getting it wrong can be costly. The estimated cost to employers of defending a claim at employment tribunal is now around £10,000. Losing a claim may cost significantly more.

Join Acas and employment law experts, Shoosmiths, as we lead you through an unfair dismissal related mock employment tribunal.

View event details or book your place

 Other Mock events coming up soon:

Mock mediation  17 April  £125 per delegate
Mock redundancy  15 May  £125 per delegate
Mock disciplinary hearing  12 June  £ £125 per delegate

 Upcoming conference: 
Navigating caring and compassionate leave: Employer responsibilities
22 May, 09:30 - 12:30  £125 per delegate
Overview: A 2021 Government consultation found that there was a lack of clarity and awareness around leave entitlements, particularly in caring and compassionate circumstances.  

Join Acas and leading experts from Carers UK and Cruse Bereavement Support as we discuss upcoming workforce trends and challenges surrounding leave, the new Carers Leave Act and explore best practice for compassionate leave.

View more details or book your place

 Our most popular training events 
Equality, diversity and inclusion

Having difficult conversations
Employment law update
Conducting investigations

Mental health in the workplace
Behaviours at work
HR for beginners
Managing discipline and grievance
Managing absence
Skills for line managers