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Volunteer Opportunity

Interested In Computers, Engineering & Motorbikes?

We're looking for a volunteer that can help

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Young Carers

Wine & Cheese Fundraiser Postponed

Sadly the Young Carers fundraiser has been postponed

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Funding Sessions In Pendle

Pendle Drop-In Funding Sessions

The last Wednesday of every month

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Writing Funding Applications Workshop

Funding Workshop In Rossendale

Limited places available so book now to avoid missing out

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Tenancy At The CVS Centre

BPRCVS Is Looking For Tenants

BPRCVS has offices available to rent at the CVS Centre

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BPRCVS Welcomes A New Volunteer

Welcome Katherine

We have a new volunteer joining us

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Digital Inclusion In Lancashire

Digital Inclusion In Lancashire

Shifting Lancashire towards digital

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Young Carers Blackpool Zoo Trip

Young Carers At Blackpool Zoo

A great day out for young carers and their families at Blackpool Zoo

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Padiham Medical Centre Awards BPRCVS

Certificate Of Appreciation Awarded To BPRCVS

BPRCVS have been awarded a certificate of appreciation

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BPRCVS Communicars

Many Thanks To Mrs Ruth Bryce

We received a great surprise on Tuesday from a Communicars customer

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